Feb 20, 2024

Manager’s Report

We are still in a transitional period. Clearly the accounting and invoicing has not gone as planned.

There are many projects and updates to the property that need to be completed.

We are doing our best to prioritize and appreciate everyone’s continued patience.

To follow is the status of our projects.

Club House Flat Roof – Has been restored to its original color

Exhaust Fans – Servair has been contracted to replace all 4 exhaust fans on the roofs to provide proper ventilation to laundry rooms. Estimated time of completion is two weeks.

Electric Panels – The electric panels in the pool room have corroded and will be replaced once all bids are approved. The two vendors are JT Electric $6937, Royal Electric (owned by Blake Ferguson SCG 3 Board VP) $6200.

Seawall – Continued progress is being made  inserting the panels on SCG3 as well as creating the forms to pour the cement cap at SCG2 southside. The plan to pour the first 150ft of cement cap is scheduled for the week of Feb 25. The stairs providing access to the beach will be moved to SCG2 south side once the cap is poured.

Deck-  All Phases has been chosen to perform hardscape services to complete our deck renderings and build paver deck and walkway. Committees will recommend to the Boards their recommendations.

Railings  -Stawniak Welding Services is in the process of building our sea wall railings

Exfiltration System  –Coastal Land Management has been contracted to build the  exfiltration system for SCG2. We are waiting on the  bid for SCG3. I expect the systems to be installed in late March or early April.

Washer/Dryer –  4 new machines have been ordered for SCG2 and 3 for SCG3 and should be installed by Feb 26. The other 16 machines will be ordered for SCG3  and will  be arriving in 6 weeks. 

Pay Range App will be the only way to pay for the machine’s use. Quarters are longer accepted.

Trash Chutes -All materials have been ordered. The upgrades should happen  by mid March.

Accounting – Accounting transition is still happening. All monies and reports have finally been transferred by FSR. I am in the process of registering with Click Pay in order that owners can set up their own profiles and pay fees accordingly.

Audit for 2023 is in the works.

Landscaping – The CPC is coming with recommendations to improve the landscaping. A bid has been provided to prune the  palm trees in the parking lots.

Painting Repair – Ongoing.

Painting of SCG2 Laundry Rooms – Bids have been submitted

Patio/Walkway Repair -Boards are looking at bids to repair/replace and or clean current walkways and patios.

Elevator Cab Update -CPC is making recommendations on panel replacement finish on SCG3 elevators. Hoping to have them completed by early April.

Breezeway Floor Coatings– Shark Coatings is in the process of being contracted  to apply their proprietary coating on the beach side  breezeway floor of SCG3. The Boards will use this example to possibly extend this process throughout the first floor of the community walkways.

Sewer Drainage –Howell Plumbing is performing a  camera analysis of certain exit drains on approximately 5 stacks on Feb 20. This analysis will provide important info on the true condition of our pipes as well as our ability to account for this in our reserve studies.

Club House Exterior Painting –  Boards will decide on the  painting of the exterior clubhouse based on CPC recommendation of the color “Interesting Aqua”.

Ownership Vote

Things we are considering for ownership vote per the outcome of discussion with legal

1.) Final design of walkway/ deck creation and paver color 


Jan 10 2024

Just a quick update on the seawall and its progress/completion.

I’m hearing some chattering on facebook and getting emails on the dissatisfaction of the progress of the seawall.

I hear your concerns, but the only thing we can do is manage through it.

The excuse will be the weather, the tides, winds over 5mph prevents the contractor from inserting panels, scheduling with the engineer, etc, etc.

These are all legitimate excuses along with the fact the contractor probably doesn’t have enough employees or equipment necessary to complete the vast amount of walls they are probably building.

What can we do about it?

In reality, nothing. These contracts are not designed where there is much recourse and we continue to push the best that we can.

We will have continued access to the beach. The stairs currently will be staying in place for another minimum three months before we have to move them again.

We put up a temp construction fence  between shuffle board courts and  had the contractor knock down the sand pile on the previous deck. This has done wonders in controlling the sand coming into the shuffleboard courts and pool.

Please remember that this is and will continue to be a long process and unfortunately we are only at the beginning as there are many contractors following the building of the wall.

Settle in. We are in for a bumpy ride.

I am well aware of what needs to be done and will move forward accordingly.

Hopefully in 6 months this will be a bad memory, no different than the cement work, painting and roof construction before it.

All the best.

Matt Grimaldi